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Very well animated but not funny at all. But that is not your fault.

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This is a masterpiece. My very first thought was " Studio Ghibli is on Newgrounds". Everything is great about this movie: animation, art style, music, story. Only negative point for me is that the art style is maybe too close to the original and some parts, especially the trees, look like they are copypasted from Nausica. I don't know exactly if this is a sign for your perfectionism or a lack of originality. Anyways, I can respect a good forger as much as I rrespect the original. Great job overall! :)

I vote for "Dr Bees. The Revenge" !

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Best game 2016.

Nothing new, but solid. Good music choice, although the quality is lacking. Very short though, try to include more puzzle motifs and changeable difficulties.

FIrst of all, there are no instructions on what to do in the game. I just float around colleting stuff but there is nothing I can do with it. Also I can't fight the enemies. When I leave the screen the whole browser lags. No music, too. There is also a lack of animations. I would have given this game 1,5/5 stars but I see the potential of this game, if done right. You have much to learn, still I see potential.

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ye m8 sounds good 2 me but not like jpop. but then again i never listened to jpop so what do i know. is a bit repretetive. and i dont like the lead synth. rly bro, sorry, but the lead synth sounds boring af. but maybe thats the thing bout jpop. the melody is dope though. I like what you did at 0:14. panning is always nice, is used 2 little i think.
tbh wouldnt listen to this more than twice because I dont like the music style but if you had arranged the track sower with other instruments I would mire the song.
dont be sad, i'm just an asshole so if thats the way you want to go i think you are fine.

Marifax responds:

Thanks for the review man! Working on the arrangement as we speak, sounds a lot less repetetive than this version. Lead synth is supposed to be dubbed with a vocal line, so that will also spice things up a bit. Nothing ill-willed in honesty, appreciate your feedback!


is dope m8. ge prob not like deadmau5 but that guy is worse than Hitl0r, anyway.

First off, the song is nice, the composition is thought through and it's overall a nice listeing experience. The synths and isntruments are well mixed and the melody is really calming and relaxing. I really like the voice lead.

Your singing is also good, although you need to work on keeping the long notes stable.

"I float among the clouds,
I play among the stars" <--- at this part you really had problems holding the high notes stable; there was much unwanted vibrato but with practice this can be solved. But you mostly hit the right notes and there were only 1 or 2 occasions where there was a little disonance but again: practice solves everything. Impressive voice btw.

I don't know if you have the resources, but it would also be nice to mix your singing better; maybe also some effects like reverb or a flanger. Would have given the song a new edge I think.

Overall a really nice song, was nice listening to it.

Maverickmode responds:

Thanks for a well thought out and helpful review. I agree, I definitely need to work on keeping the pitch stable on long notes. Truth is I kind of marathon recorded this all at once, and I didn't feel like doing any of it over, but I didn't realize quite the extent to which I was wavering on notes. I'll probably fix it some time soon.
I'm definitely going to change some things up in the mix (I realized that the vocals were just a tad too loud for the rest of the track), and I'll give it a listen with reverb on and see if I like it. I usually add reverb to my vocals anyway, not sure why I didn't this time.

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You should send this to Lady GaGa. Although this is probably too grounded for her. Anyways, nice picture, I really like the details and the style, especially the armpits are pretty well drawn; that's a thing that I notice on many other artists that it seems like they can not draw them. Only thing is, that the colour of her dress at the belly is a bit faint, compared to the top of the drawing. But that could also be just me. Anyways, great drawing, keep it up.

This is definitely Missingno.

Great work. I love this tron-ish, futuristic touch. The background looks better to me personally, but I think that is because I don't like this anime style thaaaat much. But the woman also looks nice. Something between western Shadowrun fantasy and anime.

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